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Rosemarie Gonzales is the real name of mine but my parents, my relatives and my friends called me Rh0ze. A 28 years old married and a mother of two. A designer, simple, friendly, sweet but sometimes moody and of course a plain housewife. more about me?

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A Beautiful Blog Layout From A Friend?
Friday, 2 November 2012 | at | 1 Comments | Reader (s)

0n this coming November 11, 2012 is my First Blog Monthsary of this c0tt0n-l0ve blog site of mine, and happy with it. And like what I do with my all old blog site's before every one month I'll always change my blog layout. And I'm thinking it now and also I'm working my new layout although it's more than two weeks before my First Monthsary.

Anyways, while I'm doing my layout or should i say while I'm creating my new blog layout i open and check my email accounts and delete some old messages there. I found a message or should i say an email from Ate Femikey. It was a blog layout with codes that she made for me a long time ago.

All the blog layout that Ate Fem made is so awesome and so cute too and i really love it. actually guys, before and a long time ago I'll always got a free blog layout that she made. Every time i want to change my blog layout I'll always visit her designs blog and choose a free layout there. Mmmmmm, i don't know guys if she still do that things now, it's been so long when i visit her designs blog site.

And now i found that blog layout of Ate Femikey gave to me before, i decide to used it. 0n my monthsary you can see my new blog layout here and of course like what i said i used the layout that Ate Fem made for me. For now i need to make some changes because the code is not working properly because I'm using new version of So i think i need to re-code it on my own code, wooooot.

Weeeeeh, I'm so excited to putting that layie here at my blog. Thanks a lot to Ate Fem for the layie. 0h by the way guys, if you want to see the layie I'm talking, here is the screenshot. What do you think guys? opinions and comments are welcome, thank you, have a nice day to all and happy November to everyone.

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Love, beautiful angel rhoze... :3


Blogger annie_ah said...

thank you so much dear^_^~ and i really like this new layout <33

10 November 2012 at 06:48  

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